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The images on this page can be used when posting on blogs, worlds, SNS, promoting EAUploader compatible products, etc., as long as you follow these guidelines.

1. Except for special conditions for each file, modifications such as changing the aspect ratio, cropping, changing color tone, editing, etc. are prohibited.

2. Use that indicates a relationship with facts, such as giving an image that Project EAUploader or USLOG recommends, is prohibited .

3. It is prohibited to use "EAUploader" and the file as part of a product name, service name, trademark, or other proprietary name.

4. Any use of the Site, products, or services that violates the law or is contrary to the Terms or public order and morals is prohibited.

5. When using the file, no credit or other notation is required. If you would like to write it down, please write it as "", "USLOG", or "Project EAUploader".

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